GreenFellas Tree Surgeons Services in North London

GreenFellas Tree Surgery in North London

With over 15 years of experience and successful client base, GreenFellas Tree Services is one of the most reliable tree surgeons in North London.


Whether your needs are residential or commercial, we are the tree surgeons to perform a wide range of services for your hedges, shrubs and trees, throughout North London and the surrounding areas.


We understand that trees are a vital part of our eco-system and balance the environment. They have many benefits including pure air, increased biodiversity, and can even add value and beauty to your home and lawn. It’s however important to maintain them to get right benefits and longevity.  

That’s why our goal is to offer expert tree services for your trees and help them stay healthy for a longer period of time.


tree pruning in north LondonYou can count on GreenFellas Tree services for both cosmetic and structural services. We ensure to provide a specialized and customized services for all your needs at affordable prices.


When a  tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair, tree cutting is the only viable solution. At Greenfellas, we offer the best tree cutting service in North London where our professional arborist will safely and efficiently cut the tree down. We’re the specialists in all types of tree surgeries with a foundation of diligent professionalism for all aspects of tree works. We’re your tree surgeons in North London offering the tree surgery services that include, crown reduction, crown thinning and tree removal. Once the task is completed, we also ensure the cleanout of the area.


Our Services

Crown reduction

Are your trees getting out of shape and size? Crown reduction is your answer to it. We reduce the height and size of your trees giving them better shape and compact look. Get customized service for different type of trees.

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Crown removal

Give uniform thickness to the foliage of your trees and avoid the damage caused by wind. Get the right amount of sunlight and shade in your space. Crown thinning/removal can help you achieve the right density.

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Tree removal

Need to remove a tree due to it’s positioning or interference? We offer tree removal services of all types and also provide alternatives like cabling and propping, if you’re interested in keeping the tree.

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We’re happy to provide estimate and advice for any enquiries regarding your trees, hedges or shrubs. Give us a call or email us now.



Why choose us? tree surgeons in north London

  1. Our tree surgeons are fully qualified and experienced with industry best practices. They are trained to carry out all the services with safety.
  2. We offer FREE quotation and professional advice with no obligations.
  3. We’re a fully insured company with more than 15 years of experience.
  4. We recycle and reuse 100% of the wood resulting from our activity and operate under the terms of  Environmental Policy.
  5. We ensure minimal disruption and disturbance to our customer’s property, leaving the site clean and safe after the task is completed.


GreenFellas Tree Services is always at your service.


We are a complete tree service and care firm capable of carrying out task from the smallest shrub to the tallest tree. Our landscape operations are of highest level in quality and safety standards. We pride ourselves for our professional expertise and customer satisfaction.


GreenFellas Tree Services is fully insured to undertake all aspects of tree surgery, maintenance, surveys and inspections. Our insurance covers the following:

  • £10 million Employers liability
  • £5 million Public and Products Liability



Q1. Why is tree surgery needed?

It’s different when you plant a tree as a sapling and when it grows out to be a full mature tree. It covers the area around, grows out in branches and stems and also cover the shade area of the ground. To keep the growth in check and to make sure that it’s neither growing out wildly nor causing a damage, tree surgery is required.


Q2. What tree surgeons do?

Tree surgeons carry out all the services related to maintenance of trees and removal of trees. Whether it’s crown reduction, crown thinning, pruning of trees or removal of trees, it’s carried out by tree surgeon.


Q3. What is done with the wood?

The wood is either sent to some recycling industry or industries that need wood as a raw material. It depends on the type of tree that’s been pruned or removed, where the wood lands finally.


Q4. How frequently tree surgery is needed?

It varies from tree to tree. Some grow out fast, they need biyearly surgery while others can hold up to a year or more. It also depends upon the lawn, if you want less shade or if the tree is near windows or balcony, such trees need regular surgery to be kept under check.


Q5. How is estimation for tree surgery done?

Usually the tree surgeon visits the site to inspect the trees and their location. Then a discussion is done regarding the needs of the client. Finally an estimation is created before the actual work begins.


Q7. What type of plants do you work with?

We work with all types of trees, hedges and shrubs.


Q6. How to reach you for a service?

Call us or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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